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A cure for hiccups by a 13-Year Old!

So overall, I wanted to find a last “BANG” of a blog entry for this class. But I haven’t found anything worth the time or effort thus far, then I stumbled upon this bad boy. “The 13-year-old CEO who invented a cure for hiccups.” I mean, at first I thought it was a joke. A 13-year-old CEO? Please. But evidently, it is true.


Mallory is CEO and founder of a company that might just cure one of the world’s oldest and most annoying maladies, the hiccups. Kievman is preparing to launch her product, the Hiccupop, a hiccup-stopping lollipop of her own invention. he has a patent pending, financial backers, and a team of business consultants (in training).  – TheWeek.com


So what are Hiccupops?

Kievman got the idea after trying to tame a stubborn bout of hiccups two years ago by using any home remedy she came upon: Drinking saltwater, sipping water out of an upside-down cup, eating spoonfuls of sugar, slurping pickle juice. After testing about 100 folk remedies, Kievman picked three of her favorites — sugar, apple cider vinegar, and lollipops — and combined them. I’m still “tweaking the taste,” she tells The New York Times, but the combination of ingredients “triggers a set of nerves in your throat and mouth that are responsible for the hiccup reflex arc… It basically over-stimulates those nerves and cancels out the message to hiccup.”


Well… What do you guys think? How is it that a kid was able to “invent” the cure of hiccups, while there are thousands of licensed doctors who couldn’t figure it out. I guess you got to look past the age and just try to help. If you could find the cure for a simple thing like a hiccup, what would it be? Cause this kid is pretty darn amazing!

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Angry Bird…

Rovio has just announced its calendar 2011 financial results, and according to Reuters, the studio is also preparing itself for an IPO. Yearly revenue totaled €75.4 million (around $106.3 million), generating €48 million ($67.6 million) in pre-tax profit. It’s worth remembering that sales of Rovio’s record-breakingAngry Birds Space aren’t included here, as it was released in 2012. Its 2011 lineup, which consisted of Angry Birds,Angry Birds Seasons, and movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio, drove the total number of game downloads up to 648 million by the end of the financial year, with active monthly users reaching 200 million. But it’s not just the games that are keeping the money flowing — Rovio says that around 30 percent of its total revenue was generated by merchandising and licensing. -Washington Post


Thought I’d start off the article with a portion of the Washington Post’s comments on how much revenue Rovio is getting off of Angry Birds. I have to admit, I play Angry Birds, but I sure didn’t realize how much they were worth. I know a lot of you out there play Angry Birds and buy some of their merchandise. I’m guilty.


My question to the class is, what makes a good game? What does it take to make a million dollar revenue? What’s going to be the next big thing for Rovio? or do you believe this is as good as it’s going to get?

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AT&T now does Security?

So I try to (on a daily basis) explore the bigger/popular news sites like CNN, FOX, LA Times, etc. For me, it’s the best way to learn about everything and everywhere in the US regarding pretty much all we need to know. Since I’ve been scrolling, I noticed a headline called “AT&T announces plans to offer all-digital home security. HOME SECURITY?! WT****? At first I saw this and didn’t think to much of it, but I kept seeing these types of headlines EVERYWHERE. So I thought I might as well look through it.


AT&T is moving beyond cellphone and Internet service and getting into home security.

The wireless giant on Monday announced plans for a new portfolio of all-digital, IP-based home security monitoring services. Called AT&T Digital Life, the services will give users “unparalleled control and security” of their homes using any Web-enabled device such as PCs, tablets and smartphones regardless of wireless carrier. – LA TIMES

I mean it’s going to be starting this summer? I couldn’t even fathom the idea that a wireless company would make digital home security. So basically the gist of how it works is that the remote monitoring and automation portfolio will feature Web-based access to automation, energy and water controls, as well as professionally monitored security services. The company said connected devices such as window and door sensors, door locks and thermostats would be wirelessly enabled to connect to the IP-based AT&T Digital Life platform inside the home.

What do you think about this? I still haven’t quite put my finger on it onto what I truly believe about this, but I have to admit, I didn’t see this coming. Goodbad? Let me know.

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Is Video Chatting taking over the use of cellphones?

So I was looking through the LA Times, and an interesting article came up called “Video-chatting is popular among 12- to 17-year-olds, study finds.” Interesting eh? Back when I was in high school (though that makes me sound old) I was glued to my phone. I mean there wasn’t a time when I didn’t have my phone or when I was texting. I guess for me, emailing wasn’t the thing yet (cause now I tend to do that ALL THE TIME).

“As more and more devices in our lives have video capabilities — as laptops and computers come with built-in video cameras, and many smartphones have cameras that allow for video chatting, for taking videos — teens are taking advantage of that,” said Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist with Pew Research Center.

Will video chatting fill the void of those overseas for military purposes? The void of having a long distant relationship due to college? I mean video chatting is now the most popular form of communication between people, who even live in the same state!  What’s wrong with talking on the phone? Do you really need to see the other person?

Is it safe for teens to be constantly video chatting?

More than 1 in 4 Internet users in this age group records and uploads video to the Web, according to the study. Females are just as likely to share videos as males.

The study also revealed something parents might find alarming: 13% of Internet-using teens stream video live for other people to watch online.

For more information you can click on this link. What do you think about video-chatting and is it something that we actually need?

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Black Ops 2

Hello again everyone. So I know I’m pretty much a nerd in any of these cases, but I recently saw the trailed for “Black Ops 2” aka Call of Duty. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer courtesy of youtube.

So after watching the trailer, I’d have to say that Monologue in the beginning sure sounds like something we (in real life) are going to go through when it comes to technology.

The clip was posted online Tuesday night and has already attracted 1.4 million views on YouTube. It features a near-future scenario in which the U.S. military has developed technology that puts unmanned vehicles and robots on the front lines of battle. An enemy gains access to that technology and turns it against cities all over the world.

However, “Call of Duty Elite” forum user Oneqwkford laments, “This looks stupid! If I wanted to play a Si-fi game I would play Gears of War or Halo! I always get Very excited for a new CoD game but this one looks very Disappointing. I will not be buying this one!”

Many other gamers said they were waiting for more details on “Black Ops 2’s” multiplayer action before making a decision about purchasing the game.

So whoever is a COD fan, what do you think of the idea//storyline of the new game? How would you have structured it better thus far with only knowing it’s set in the future and we’re ready to fight the machines that we have created, who are now ready to destroy the human race?


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Samsung – Galaxy S III Smartphone

So I was checking up on CNN.com and saw this as the first headline of the tech section: Samsung unveils Galaxy S III Smartphone with face, voice recognition. Voice recognition I get, because a lot of phones (IPhones in particular) have had this capability for awhile, but Face recognition. I had to do a little research on this one cause I haven’t heard of the common person being able to have a form of technology that has facial recognition (though Body Recognition in a small form would be the Kinect for XBox).

Here’s what I found on Wikipedia what Facial Recognition actually is:

A facial recognition system is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database.

It is typically used in security systems and can be compared to other biometrics such as fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems.

Below is how Samsung has conformed the top definition into a user friendly way:

The new Galaxy handset, which runs the most up-to-date version of Google’s mobile operating system — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — recognizes when a user is looking at it, and ensures the screen doesn’t go dark while it has eye contact.

S Voice technology — Samsung’s equivalent of Apple’s Siri — enables users to wake up their phone with a simple voice command. And voice recognition goes further — saying: “Hi Galaxy … picture,” for example, opens the phone’s camera app, and saying “cheese” takes a picture. Face-recognition software then identifies Facebook friends within images, and prompts the user to share them. – CNN.com

What else could you possibly add to a phone?!

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Avery’s Bucket List

So I know this class is based on the idea of how technology and the American lives are so intertwined, that there isn’t going back. I found this article on CNN’s website, and it is truly inspirational. My question starts of as, “What would you do if someone you loved dearly had a timer?” As times runs on, this person becomes weaker and weaker. When the time runs out, they die. Reading this article on a man and wife who created a “bucket list” for their daughter Avery. She is 6 months old and was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type One. What this means is that is a incurable genetic defect that attacks the muscles, specifically the respiratory system. The doctors are only giving her 2 years to live, until it consumes her life.

So how did we hear about this? Avery’s father, Mike Canahuati, created a blog that turned into Avery’s bucket list. He writes as if it were Avery’s thoughts, and is trying to help Avery live a full life and to experience everything that she could possible want in life. If you are curious to read more about this, here’s the link.

The Canahuatis are using their blog, Facebook page and a Twitter account — the latter two being written with the help of family and friends — to raise public awareness about SMA, including encouraging couples to get tested on whether they are carriers of the gene. The Canahuatis learned that some insurance companies cover the testing costs and others don’t. -CNN.com

This is how technology is helping. Though Avery is in everyone’s prayers, her parents are helping to spread the information about SMA so that children of the future will have a fighting chance, so that one day there may be a cure. Technology doesn’t have to be used in a malicious way, it can be used to help save the lives of others. If you could spread the word and start a campaign to find a cure or to make an awareness about something, what would it be?